Here are a few of many testimonials with which I can provide you.

Member Support

Thank you so much Lorene. I’m so happy to be in your downline. You’ve provided us with so much support and education over the years. If anyone can get things done, it’s you.



Well it was a great pleasure producing such a healthy baby and being asked why I didn’t have stretch marks, why my varicose veins were nearly gone etc. I attribute that to good nutrition and the NSP supplements I have been taking for years.My pregnancy wasn’t exactly smooth, so I was cautious. Yippee !!! We will stay connected and thank you.


Herbal Healing and Health Courses

Absolutely any courses taught by Lorene that I’ve attended have been excellent and the subjects have been very informative.

David K

Lorene, You are so wonderful to tirelessly promote information helping people achieve the maximum state of health that they can achieve and leaving it a possibility! I look forward to perusing the notes and just wanted to say Thank You for your efforts in helping humanity!!

Gina G, Holistic Practitioner, AB

Thyroid and Diabetes

I felt exhausted all summer with no energy, no appetite, & bad tremors, it was quite scary. All the medical tests I had done came back normal, including those ordered by the 3 specialists I was sent to. I finally decided to start Adrenal Support capsules and Zambroza as I have been on thyroid medication since I was 9 years old and I have had type 1 diabetic for 22 years. Both conditions are related to the adrenal gland. I am very happy to report that I started feeling better and could function again within 3 or 4 days of taking these two NSP supplements – it was wonderful and such a relief!

Roxanne C.

Dog Arthritis

Lorene, I wanted to tell you that Myles and I noticed an excellent article in a magazine by you about arthritis and dogs, and using the E-tea (NSP Essiac formula). We bought some and after only 2 or 3 days we noticed a definite improvement in our cocker spaniel, Duncan.

He always had such a problem getting down and would never sit, let alone sit up.He now goes down without mincing his back legs, and he can now sit and our little guy has even been able to sit up!!! This is all quite incredible for us and him. I tell you this as I know you help animals and advise people on their pets. So this one has sure worked for our Duncan!



I am so thankful where my health is today and I wish to thank Lorene for helping me along that process.  I was referred by Gina Goad 3 years ago, when I had a diagnosis of metastasized cancer cells in my lymph node and the doctors couldn’t find the primary after a PET Scan. I refused to do any further testing or surgery, as I believed it was from a basal cell carcinoma removed from my lip 9 months prior.

My connection with Lorene was immediate. She was a great encouragement to me when the medical machine was exerting all kinds of pressure to go their way. She helped me feel at ease and empowered about my health situation.  I went on the protocol that she advised and purchased her book The Paw Program, which helped me see a way to health which is a far cry from what the medical establishment sees as “health”.  I was again inspired to continue on my journey to health on my own terms.

Thank you for the encouragement you gave me to begin the ‘natural process’ and the start that you gave me. When the student is ready the teachers will appear and you were certainly key to me. It’s like being at a point in history when something magnificent makes itself known.

C. Roby 

The Paw Paw Program

Thanks for the email. My wife, Connie is also better – the CA Profile test shows much improvement.
Yes, your book was very helpful. Great intro to achieving wellness the natural way, no matter what condition.  One of the main problems with trying the natural way is that medical doctors here are highly skeptical and negative about it. Your book was one of the things that gave us confidence to try the natural
way.Thanks and regards.


Coaching for Health Business

I am so grateful for your leadership and support, Lorene. The encouragement you have given me has enhanced my Shiatsu practice beyond belief. Connecting with you has been invaluable and life changing for me on many levels!

Lucy Taylor, CHHP, Phoenix Healing