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Benoit and Health Associates consult worldwide by phone, Skype,  teleconference, webinars and email to help:

  • people with their personal health programs
  • people build their own successful, natural health business

Vancouver Island:

Phoenix Holistic Healing Clinic  
Lucy Taylor, C.H.H.P. : Shiatsu, Infra Red Sauna, Nutritional Consulting   Ph: 250-758-0660

Blue Rose Health
Robin Reid: Reflexology, Iridology, Nutritional Consulting    Ph: 250-754-9250

Lambrecht Herbal Health  
Helga Lambrecht: MEd, CHC, NC, Herbal Nutritional Consultant     Ph: 250-748-8722

Anticancer Herbs 
Corinne Floyd Education: Business Consulting   Ph: 250-749-3004

Teya Naddelin:
Biofeedback Therapist      Ph: 250-210-4082

Reiki Wellness 
Debbie Shkuratoff: Reiki, Amethyst Biomat, Alkaline water, Jade IFR roller, Foot Spa      Ph: 250-743-8122

Lower Mainland BC

Qwest 4 Health Diane and Jean Blackburn:
Biofeedback, Live Blood Analysis, Iridology     Ph: 604 -560-5119

Okanagan BC

Health In Balance Educators      
Donna Marie, LBA and Raven Hockley     Ph: 250-462-7523


Merinda Reid
Live Blood Analysis and Herbal Consulting:   Ph: 403-843-6098

Cheryl Markovitch, LBA, Nutritonal Wellness
Building Bridges To Health Naturally  Ph. 403-343-8547

These are some of our top experts – please contact us for more or for other areas.

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